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After receiving breast implants, it might be tempting to run right out and buy some new sexy bras. Wasn’t that one of the perks you were looking for anyways?

While we understand this desire (and promise that the time for it will come!), it is important that you don’t ditch the full-coverage support bras too soon. 

Breast augmentation doesn’t require the longest of plastic surgery recovery timeframes; however, it is still a process. Your breasts will be swollen for several months following your surgery. This (in addition to the shifting and settling implant placement) means that your breast size will vary.

Woman in a white sports bra.

Also, while your incisions may look as though they’ve healed, they may still be tender and vulnerable to the pressure of underwire bras. 

There is a progression of appropriate bra types that takes place in three steps.

1. Compression Bra

Women wearing a compression bra.Following your surgery, you will arrive home wearing a compression bra. This bra provides the necessary support to aid in the healing process. 

You will be instructed to wear this bra day and night for two weeks (at least).  

Benefits of your compression bra include:

  • Helps keep incision dressings in place 
  • Prevents the implants from moving out of place 
  • Protect the breasts 
  • Helps with swelling 

2. Supportive Sports Bra

After spending two weeks in your compression garment, you will likely be ready to graduate to a sports bra. 

Be sure to get the OK from your surgeon and choose sports bras that provide adequate support, as your breasts still have some healing to do and need a lot of support. 

The timetable for healing varies among women, and it’s essential to attend your follow-up appointments. The doctor will check the position of the implants as it takes some time for them to drop into place. 

Once you are completely healed, all swelling has subsided, and the implants have settled, you will be given the go-ahead to buy some sexy new underwire bras.

3. Sexy Bras

Finally! Once you have completely healed and your new breast size is apparent, you can pick out some nice sexy bras – BUT – make sure they provide strong support. 

Your bigger breasts need this support to keep them perky and beautiful.

If you choose underwire bras, make sure they do not irritate your scars. While they may have healed, they still have some fading to do, and irritation can delay this process. If underwire bras bother your fading scars, switch to a cute supportive bra without underwires, or limit your time wearing them.

Usually, women are recommended to wait at least six months before returning to an underwire bra.

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