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Your Rhinoplasty Journey


Ideal candidates for rhinoplasty often identify with one or more of the following objectives:

  • A smaller or shorter nose and decreased nostril size
  • Straightened crooks or bumps for improved facial balance
  • Correction of imperfections or disfigurations from birth or an injury
  • Reduced nasal tip to provide a more defined, narrow end of your nose


Scheduling a private meeting with your surgeon will allow an opportunity to discuss realistic goals, what to expect, how to prepare, and your medical history. Communicating your desired look and any concerns you may have will help your surgeon determine which techniques can help achieve your goal. While results may vary for every patient, your procedure will be unique to fit your needs.

Goals and Results

Because the nose is located centrally on the face, it can often be the first feature others notice, so being satisfied with your nose is essential. By undergoing rhinoplasty, your nose can be transformed into your preferred shape and size, and in some cases, breathing is also enhanced, which can lead to increased self-confidence and improved facial harmony that reflects your individuality better.

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Individual results may vary



Immediately following the surgery, you may have a splint and bandages covering your nose as well as surgical packing in the nostrils to protect the nasal structure and support recovery. These bandages, packing, and surgical dressings will be removed after the first week. Patients are advised to get plenty of rest and avoid physical activities for the first two weeks while keeping the head elevated and avoiding blowing their nose. For the first two weeks, most patients experience swelling and bruising, which commonly diminishes after the two-week mark. Once swelling and bruising begin to reduce, it is typical for patients to resume work and daily activities. While your results may take up to two weeks to start to show, it can take up to one year for results to become fully evident. You will notice gradual changes throughout your healing process, and many patients choose to take pictures often to track their progress.


Your preferences and level of correction to be made will determine which technique is utilized and the amount of scarring. Most rhinoplasty patients are satisfied with how unnoticeable scarring is, and your surgeon will approach your incisions with finesse to provide the best results and minimal scarring.


Your procedure fees will be determined during your consultation with your surgeon. Your price may include anesthesia, surgeon, and facility fees. We offer the CareCredit® card as a patient payment program, specifically designed for health and beauty purchases with payment plan options. Prosper™ Healthcare Lending is also offered, so please discuss payment and financing options with your surgeon during your consultation.


Minimal pain is associated with typical rhinoplasty patients, and numbing creams and pain medication can be prescribed to avoid significant discomfort. The nose may become stuffy, and bruising and swelling may occur but are temporary and usually not severe.

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