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As one day I was listening to Dr. Laura, a caller was sharing her debate about getting breast lift/augmentation. She was wrestling with the age old stereotype that plastic surgery equals vanity or shallowness. Dr. Laura responded that “There was no vanity in repairing what was broken, or restoring to its initial condition.” Athough I had never really thought about getting a breast lift or a tummy tuck, Dr. Laura’s counsel made sense to me and I decided I would like to look into it. I discussed the idea with my husband, who told me that he did not feel it was necessary because he loved me and found me attractive as is, but certainly he was not going to oppose that decision! (ha ha).

My next step was deciding where to start. I was a little apprehensive about considering you, because I thought it would feel very awkward since, on occasion, I may see you socially or because of your association with some of my friends. Nevertheless I thought at least you would be a good starting point. I visited your website which provided me with a lot of information regarding the “mommy makeover” and I also watched the featured videos. I visited your facebook page and as I read the interaction between you and your patients I decided that the confidence, gentle demeanor, and reassurance you offered was more important than my “social concerns”. If I was to decide to do these procedures, I wanted above all a Dr. who I could trust and who I felt had the education and knowledge to provide amazing results.

The more that I navigated through your website and facebook page the more that I felt convinced you would be the right choice. When it comes to one’s health or body, “shopping for a Dr” should not be part of the equation.

The pre-op process was easy, friendly and reassuring. All of your office staff was always very patient and accessible in case I had any questions. I was extremely concerned and worried about post-op and recuperation time, and although it was not enough to scare me away from surgery, it truly weighed heavy on my mind.

How much pain was I going to be in? How hard was it going to be to sleep? How difficult was it going to be to walk “slouching”? How will it feel? How … How…. HOW?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!

The one question that I did not think of asking myself, that I was very relieved to find out, was HOW EASY WILL THIS BE???!?!?!?!!?!?!!!

After the initial 24 hours I was surprised to find out I was not in a lot of pain, and I was, more than anything, just tired. The tummy tuck drains were easy to drain and care for, and the breast implants were not uncomfortable and I felt virtually no pain. More than anything I felt tightness.

With each day passing I felt better and better and by day 4 I was no longer taking pain medication, and I was only taking a muscle relaxer at night to help with sleep. On day seven, I decided I was feeling so good, that I would accompany my family to Disneyland. I was unsure how I would handle the day. We rented one of the electric scooters and off we went…ok… So… I guess I should come clean now but ummmm we ended up doing a little more than I originally confessed…

After the initial couple of rides, and after I realized my implants were not “popping” I decided I was going to enjoy my day with the kids so we ended up riding: jungle cruise, pirates, splash mountain, haunted mansion, matterhorn, several rides in California adventure and space mountain…twice!

At the end of the day, I was a little tired, but my implants were in place and ok, my drain was fine, and my family was thrilled that I spent the day with them!!

Dr Andreasen, the recuperation period was so unexpectedly easy and painless and I am truly grateful for that. Post -op was so easy and painless that after you took off the second drain, about 10 days later, I felt ready to resume my intimate life as well.

I did not look into surgery because I had issues with my self esteem, but I did want to make repairs to my body from the natural changes that pregnancy had caused. I cannot be more thrilled with surgery and with how I now feel with my “new/old” body. My clothes fit better, my breasts no longer sag, and I do feel younger and a bit more rejuvenated.

Thank you for everything that you have done, and for your amazing bedside manners, for your kindness and for everything that you have done!!!

Warmest regards,

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Dr. Andreasen,

While it would be so freeing to be rid of some of this fat that has haunted me for years, I had to come back to reality. My reality is that, while my mother is still alive and requiring care for her Dementia I just can not be so selfish as to use finances that could be needed later on, for her care.

Now enough of that and to the point of my email; while I can not personally recommend your results, I most certainly can and have recommended your consultation visit and professional manner. It is a very difficult thing to stand in front of someone that is examining the parts that you are the most disgusted with. You made that experience so much less scary than expected by being so professional, knowledgeable and real.

I hope to be able to take advantage of your expertise some day but in the meantime I will be more than happy to send friends/colleagues your way! Thank you so much for the time you spent with me explaining procedures, results and options. It was also very refreshing that you did not make me feel like I was taking too much time or that I was wasting your time if I did not book surgery right then and there.

Very Impressive!

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Dr. Andreasen,

I thank you for the e-mail and for giving me the chance to meet with you. I am still very excited about the surgery. I have had a few people tell me to check out other doctors with cheaper costs but am not interested at all. I am very insecure when it comes to certain parts of my body and i felt very comfortable and sure that I wanted you to do this surgery.

Thank You,


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Dr. Andreasen,

Thank you so much for all your help in making this very important decision. Your staff was very welcoming and so sweet. Your honesty is very refreshing and I look forward to soon scheduling my surgery!

Take care and see you soon,


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Breastvember” Volume II – The results to date!
Wednesday, November 11, 2009 at 3:00pm

Well, as I mentioned a few days ago, I recently had a breast lift and did it with probably, the BEST Cosmetic Surgeon in our area, Dr. Troy Andreasen @

I had my 2nd follow up this week, and I’m healing as planned! The results were instantaneous by the way… and oddly enough, when I look at myself in the mirror, I actually look like I have implants!!! They are that round and perfect! Of course, I’m still a tad swollen from the surgery, but the Dr. said that they will stay as perky as they are right now most likely! I’m so excited!

I do want to address some questions you may have about the “lift”, and even though I’m not qualified medically to answer anything for you, I can just tell you my experience!

1) Does it hurt? Nope. I went under anesthesia and woke up feeling no pain! I had my surgery on a Friday and by Monday, I was rarin’ to go!

2) The hardest part of the procedure? SLEEPING ON MY BACK! lol I’m a side sleeper, so this was new to me. I only had to do it for a few days, but I reallllly snore on my back… just ask hubby! :)

3) Do you have to get implants if you get a lift? I didn’t and everyone is different. Dr. Troy Andreasen will consult you on what will look best for YOU! But, no, you don’t have to get implants with a lift.

Those are just a few of the questions I’ve been asked so far. I gotta say, I am extremely pleased with my Mastopexy! (Such a big word, eh?) Not to mention, the follow thru from Dr. A and his staff afterwards, is 2nd to none! They are truly caring people and I’m just so thankful to have chosen them to make me feel good about myself!

More to come! If you have any questions about Dr. Andreasen’s services, hop on to or you can email the Dr. directly at! Tell him Heather sent you!
“Breastvember” – Volume III – How to Explain My Procedure using Inland Empire “lingo”

So, some of you have asked “how do you do a breast lift?” Well, I’m not a Doctor of course, so the easiest way I can explain what Dr. Andreasen did to me is like this:

For explanatory purposes I’m using ONE breast for this:

1) Pretend my boob is the Inland Empire. (Yes, I was “well-endowed” young. lol)

2) The nipple was in San Bernardino.

3) Dr. Andreasen moved it north to the High Desert. (What up my Victorville peeps? :)

4) The “meat” of my breast from left to right is Redlands to Ontario.

5) Dr. Andreasen took a section on the 10 East in Redlands, and a section on the 10 West in Ontario, and brought them together eliminating Colton. (Sorry Colton-ites.)

6) Or another way of looking at it if you REALLLLLY WANNA KEEP COLTON is, Dr. Andreasen took Redlands and Ontario and shifted Colton up more towards Fontana. Now, the city is known as “Coltana”. Or “Fonton”. (Although I will still refer to Fontucky just cuz it’s cool!)

Now, in all seriousness, there are some WAY COOL 3-D Animations at on many of the procedures Dr. Andreasen performs at his practice. I certainly watched the video on the breast lift, or “mastopexy”, before I had my surgery done, because I was truly fascinated by this “body resculpting” if you will. It’s amazing what Science has given us today isn’t it?

I’m currently 17 days post-op and have been wearing nothing but a sports bra for 15 of those days! Yup, you can pretty much go back to work in a few days after having the procedure I had. (Everyone is different of course, and mind you, if you require pain meds, you shouldn’t go to work or DRIVE EVER!)

Today I had another follow-up appointment with Dr. Andreasen! All went well and I’m healing as I should be for ME and my body-type. I’m extremely pleased with the results and cannot believe my boobs are in the High Desert now! Love it!!!

I’d also like to take an opportunity to say how very much I ADORE Maria, Dr. A’s Assistant/RN. She is such a kind woman and is truly an asset to Dr. Andreasen and his team. I know he would agree that Maria ROCKS!

And Dr. Andreasen’s wife, Demeree, who also works in the practice is a LOVE. I feel bad, because every time I go in to see Dr. Andreasen, Demeree and I end up gabbing for an hour, and I’m sure I’m keeping her from working! We’re like old girlfriends, ya know? (Where’s the General Foods International Coffee? hee hee)

Anywho… I hope I enlightened you tonight with the Inland Empire version of my Mastopexy!

Stay tuned for more… and in the meantime, don’t forget that is the place to go to meet Dr. A, his wonderful staff, and receive information on services that you may be thinking about, but are afraid to ask! :) Liposuction, Breast Augmentation, Tummy Tuck, Botox, Restylane, Etc.

Remember, the holidays are coming! Why not do something nice for yourself? :)


Heather Froglear

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“Breastvember” IV – Giving Thanks for my new Breasts

Today, I’m giving thanks a little early… just in case some of you will be out of town next Thursday enjoying time with friends and family. (Am I the only one who likes the Green Bean Casserole?)

Since having my breast lift on 10/30, performed by my favorite BOARD CERTIFIED Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Andreasen, I thought I’d give thanks for things I DON’T have to worry about anymore. See if you recognize these “issues” ladies, with your boobs:

1) I’m thankful I no longer have bra straps that you could land a 747 on. My goodness, they WERE wide! Now, I can wear pretty bras again!

2) I’m thankful I no longer have to do the “boob pull”… that’s when you put your bra on in the morning and you have to reach in the cups to pull your breast into position so that your nipples aren’t pointing in completely opposite directions.

3) On the weekends, when I’m home, I like to wear sweats and a t-shirt.. with no bra! I’m thankful that I no longer have to tuck my boobs into my sweats so they don’t flop around.

4) I’m thankful I no longer have to worry about wearing SWEAT RINGS with my tank tops! Yea, you KNOW we make a pretty little rainbow of sweat on our shirts if we get even remotely hot. Now that I’m lifted… there’s actually AIR reaching the breast “nether region”! Whoo hoo!

5) I know it’s cold right now, but I KNOW I will be glad come spring, when I can actually wear a sundress without a GARGANTUAN STRAPLESS BRA!!!! Buh Bye Gladiator Bras!!!!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and don’t forget, if you are looking for YOUR “New Look” this holiday, bet it a breast lift, augmentation, liposuction, or a facelift, look no further than Dr. Troy Andreasen!


God Bless,


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“Breastvember” – Volume VI – My Armpits Thank You Dr. A!

Well, it’s the last day of “Breastvember” and I had another follow up today with Dr. Andreasen at his office in Ontario. All is healing nicely one month Post Op! I can tell you that 2 months ago, I would have never thought that I’d finally have my “dream” procedure, but I’m so glad that I finally did it! (Ladies with big boobs like me will relate… it hasn’t always been a picnic being busty your whole life! These things are heavy!) But I can finally see the results of Dr. A’s great work and MY ARMPITS THANK YOU DR. ANDREASEN!
Huh? Armpits? You must be asking yourself right now, “WTH do Heather’s armpits have to do with her breast lift? What kind of MAGIC is this Dr. Andreasen working on his patients?”

My armpits are thankful that when I lay down they are not stuffed full of my boobs!!! You know, when your breasts part like the Red Sea and relocate to the armpits? Yes!! My lift has allowed my armpits to also enjoy their “neighbors” new perky-ness!!!! Can I get an AMEN? :)

The other good news? I will no longer need to wear an underwire bra all the time for support! I’m still wearing my sports bra and/or wireless bras, and I gotta tell you, PRE-lift I NEVER would have done that. I might as well have gone braless! POST-lift, I am wireless and the twins are still standing at attention! And I did NOT have implants put in with my lift!

Now, results may vary of course, but I invite all of you who are interested in a “NEW LOOK” for 2010 to visit or call 1-800-NEW-LOOK to schedule a consultation with Dr. Troy Andreasen! He’s truly a remarkable person…. skilled, BOARD CERTIFIED, and extremely caring. I adore him and the care I’ve received since choosing him as my Plastic Surgeon.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are recovering from the Tryptophan Turkey Coma. ZZZZzzzz.. it took me 2 days myself. I spent a lot of time napping. That of course, is when I NOTICED the armpits were free of “boob fluffage”. :)

May you and your armpits reap the benefits of and Dr. Troy Andreasen this holiday season as well!

Stay tuned… “MERRY BREASTMAS” is coming!



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