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Your Brazilian Buttocks Lift Journey

Your Goals

Candidates for BBL often identify with one or more of the following goals:

  • More slender body curves, such as a smaller waist, smoother back, or thinner thighs
  • Enhanced buttocks shape and size (larger and more rounded)
  • More youthful and voluptuous body contours, such as an hourglass shape

Your Consultation

When you meet for your initial consultation with your surgeon, you will discuss realistic expectations and how much fat tissue can be relocated to your buttocks. Limited space in the butt and skin elasticity will determine the amount of fat tissue that can fit, as the transferred fat needs to attach to the blood supply to survive. At your consultation, you will be given an accurate cost of your procedure based on these factors

Your Look

Having an aesthetically pleasing frame can boost self-confidence and sexiness. Square, flat buttocks contours are reconstructed into a rounder, tighter butt shape, allowing for an attractive figure that is wider at the hips and narrower at the waist. With the Brazilian Butt Lift, you can transform the look of your backside and the surrounding areas to achieve your desired appearance.

Brazilian Buttocks Lift Options

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Individual results may vary



Post-operative temporary side effects include bruising, swelling, numbness, and soreness. Compression garments will be applied and should be continually used throughout the recovery process as directed by your surgeon. Instructions will be provided with details on how to care for wounds and surgical drains, as well as sterilization methods. Resting and avoiding physical activity or direct pressure to the buttocks is crucial. Most patients return to normal activities after two to three weeks. Once you fully heal, adopting healthy routines, drinking plenty of water, and implementing exercise regimens will help preserve your results.


Brazilian Butt Lift procedures result in minimal scarring, as no incisions are made on the buttocks and very small incisions are used for liposuction. Techniques are used to minimize liposuction scarring, and you will be provided with tips for healing to avoid excessive scarring. All scars will fade with time and depend on your individual healing process to fully recover.


Your customized procedure cost will depend on the size of your buttocks lift and what techniques are utilized. Additional cost factors include anesthesia and sedation, medical needs, personal preferences, medications and materials for recovery, and facility fees. You will be provided with a cost estimate during your consultation prior to surgery.


General anesthesia is used to ensure a painless process, and minor discomfort and grogginess are common immediately following the procedure. Oral pain medication is prescribed to minimize discomfort, in addition to other medications that may be necessary, such as antibiotics.

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