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Targeted With Comprehensive Body Treatments

Excess Skin

When you are significantly overweight for an extended period of time, your skin becomes stretched out. When you shed the fat, you cannot eliminate the skin with it. Folds of excess skin can be problematic, especially along the abdomen, hips, thighs, and arms. Body contouring removes this extra tissue, helping you feel lighter in the process.

Lax Features

Both men and women can develop laxity of the abdomen and chest. The abdominal muscles stretch with weight gain, leaving a protruding belly even after the weight is lost. Men can also develop looseness in their pectoral area, and women can experience drooping breasts. These areas of laxity prevent both men and women from having an overall fit appearance. Restoring firmness in these areas can help you revitalize your physique after weight loss.

Unwanted Fat

While achieving your new silhouette required you to lose a significant amount of fat, unwanted deposits may remain. These pockets of fat can prevent you from obtaining the body shape or definition you’ve been trying to create in the gym or by reducing your caloric intake. Most body contouring techniques require additional fat removal via liposuction to provide the ideal body shape you’ve been wanting.

Options Following Massive Weight Loss

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Individual results may vary



The length of your recovery depends on the number and type of procedures you undergo. In general, you will experience bruising and swelling following your surgery. Special compression garments are worn to facilitate the healing process. You should avoid strenuous physical activity. Most people return to work within two weeks and can resume their regular activities, including exercise, after four to six weeks. While most swelling subsides by six weeks, more aggressive surgeries may take longer for your final result to develop.


When possible, incisions are placed in discreet locations to minimize visible scarring. However, due to the extensive correction that some patients require, a more extended incision may be needed to achieve your ideal results. This can lead to the development of visible scars. However, most people feel that the dramatic improvement is worth the marks, as they will fade over time.

Body Surgery Cost

The cost of your body contouring after massive weight loss will depend on the set of procedures chosen for your surgery and the extent of correction required. Dr. Andreasen will provide you with a detailed quote following your consultation and evaluation. Dr. Andreasen welcomes patients from all over Southern California including the Inland Empire, Riverside, Rancho Cucamonga, and Ontario areas.


It is typical to experience some discomfort in the first several days of your recovery. This is usually controlled by oral pain medication and resolves within the week.

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