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Several different breast lifting techniques are available. For minimal sag, the lift may be performed simply around the nipple. More moderate to extreme cases of sag require more extensive lifting techniques. All breast lifts requiring removal of skin will create scars on the breast. These scars are made as fine as possible and fade with time. Most patients find these scars to be a very minimal downside when the see the improvement in breast shape.

A breast lift alone, however, may not provide a patient with sufficient fullness in the upper part of the breast. If this is needed, a breast implant may be used at the same time as the lift to provide the extra volume needed to achieve fullness.

Not every patient is a perfect candidate for this combined approach. Patients with extremely large breasts and those whose breasts have fallen several inches below the optimal level are often recommended to have a staged procedure, where the breast lift is performed first, followed later by breast augmentation. This approach provides increased safety and allows the scars of the breast lift to gain strength before being stretched by the implant.

Inland Empire breast lift expert Dr. Andreasen performs breast lift/augmentation procedures frequently using both saline and silicone gel-filled implants. You may see pre and post-operative pictures of these procedures in the breast lift portion of the photo gallery.

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