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What Can Thigh Lift Surgery Achieve?

Tighter Skin on the Thighs

One of the biggest reasons people turn to thigh lift surgery is to correct the texture of their skin. Excess skin on the inner thighs can create problematic folds and chafing. Thigh lift surgery removes the excess skin and fat and then pulls the remaining skin tight for a smoother texture.

Slender Thigh Contours

Even after weight loss, stubborn fat can remain and worsen the appearance of cellulite and other skin dimpling. Excess fat on the outer thighs can create “saddlebags” that hang and make the body seem wider than it is. As the thighs are reshaped and bulges of fat are removed, the thighs will return to a more slender, harmonious appearance.

Improve Physical Comfort

When you have loose or flabby skin on the thighs, many people go out of their way to hide them underneath clothing. This could be a cause for concern in the summertime and can be uncomfortable. After a thigh lift surgery, patients will feel comfortable to wear a wide range of clothing that does not have to conceal their thighs.

Thigh Lift Techniques

During your consultation, your surgeon will speak with you about your goals for the surgery and help decide whether intravenous sedation or general anesthesia is a better option for you. Depending on your specific needs and thigh condition, one of these four techniques will be chosen for your procedure:

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Thigh Lift Recovery

Immediately after your procedure, your wounds will be dressed and a small drainage tube may be inserted to prevent fluid and blood from building up. Your surgeon will provide you with specific recovery steps, and it is important to follow each of the steps to ensure a healthy recovery. These may include the use of a compression garment to reduce swelling and fluid buildup. You should only engage in light activities for the first two weeks following the procedure to ensure optimized healing. Most swelling should subside within three to five weeks, but you should avoid any heavy exercise or lifting for six to eight weeks.

Thigh Lift Scars

Your scars will vary depending on the technique your surgeon used and your personal anatomy. An inner thigh lift can create scarring along the groin and inner thigh, while an outer thigh lift can create scarring around the hip. Your surgeon will make the incisions as inconspicuous as possible. All scarring will fade with time.

Thigh Lift Cost

Your exact thigh lift cost will depend on the techniques performed, surgical fees, anesthesia fees, hospital fees, and plenty of other variables. You will receive an accurate price quote for the procedure during your consultation.

Thigh Lift Pain

You will likely experience mild to moderate pain or discomfort after the procedure, but these can be managed with over-the-counter or prescription drugs from your surgeon.

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