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What Can Brow Lift Surgery Address?

Reduce Wrinkle Lines

A common and unfortunate effect of aging is the development of wrinkles. Wrinkles can appear on your forehead, between the nose, around your eyes, and even on your upper nose. A brow lift surgery will help correct unwanted lines and disguise them by removing excess skin tissue.

Livelier Eye Appearance

Heavy brows that fall over your eyelids may give way for people to ask the question most of us despise: “Why do you look so angry?” A brow lift surgery can tighten and lift your eyebrows and forehead to restore a taut appearance throughout the parts of the face that surround the eyebrows.

Restore Facial Proportion

Although a brow lift surgery can be performed as a standalone procedure, some may choose to combine it with a facelift to enhance the results. A facelift and a brow lift is a great way to achieve facial rejuvenation and create a proportional facial structure.

What Are the Procedure Steps for a Brow Lift?

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What Are Concerns Associated With a Brow Lift?


Your recovery will depend on the brow lift technique you choose. In general, you should allow two full weeks for the incision area to heal fully. Dr. Andreasen may also tape your forehead and loosely wrap your head to minimize swelling and bruising immediately after following the procedure. A thin tube may be present if excess blood or fluid collects underneath the skin and needs to be drained.


Both incision methods for a brow lift will result in scars, but your hair can easily conceal them. Most scarring will likely fade with time.


The average cost of a brow lift is $3,623, according to 2018 statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. This is a flexible price as it can vary due to anesthesia fees, hospital or surgical facility fees, prescriptions for medications, and medical tests. Dr. Andreasen will provide you with an exact cost estimate during your consultation.


General anesthesia is administered before the procedure to limit any discomfort. Following the procedure, Dr. Andreasen will prescribe any medications you may need and will provide the necessary recovery steps to limit any discomfort that may persist.

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