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Should Skin Treatments Be Performed Together or Separately?

Posted September 15, 2020 in BOTOX ®, Cosmetic Fillers, Micro-Peel

2 Minute Read:  When considering skin rejuvenation treatments, there are several options available. BOTOX® Cosmetic, JUVÉDERM®, and rejuvenation peels are a series of options offered by Dr. Andreasen’s office. These procedures can be performed separately or in combination with each other.  What Are My Non-Surgical Options? What Is BOTOX® Cosmetic? BOTOX® Cosmetic is a neuromodulator […]


Posted May 17, 2016 in BOTOX ®

Do you find yourself looking in the mirror and analyzing every aspect of your facial skin? Like many others, you may see signs of aging that just do not match how you feel on the inside. If you would like to learn about the various options available in facial rejuvenation, you may visit the practice […]

Botox Treatment – Anti-Wrinkle Inland Empire

Posted July 17, 2015 in BOTOX ®

Dynamic wrinkles are the type of wrinkles that are caused by the everyday muscle contractions involved in actions such as chewing or facial expressions. For these types of wrinkles, there is the Botox treatment. Botox treatment is designed to preserve your youthful appearance. It is FDA-approved and is easily the most popular cosmetic treatment. Botox […]

BOTOX Injections – Anti-Aging – Los Angeles

Posted July 25, 2014 in BOTOX ®

In the fight against aging, one of the best weapons we have is BOTOX. Wrinkles and lines that are caused by everyday facial movements are some of the primary signs of aging. However, with BOTOX injections, you can prevent these muscle movements from creating the creases that leave you looking older. BOTOX injections are a […]

Anti-Wrinkle – Inland Empire BOTOX Injections

Posted May 02, 2014 in BOTOX ®, Plastic Surgery

One of the most effective anti-wrinkle tools in the fight against aging is the BOTOX injection. BOTOX is, by far, the most popular cosmetic treatment. One of the things that makes BOTOX so useful is its ability to prevent the formation of wrinkles. The combination of aging and repeated facial movements is one of the […]

Botox – A Wrinkle Solution – Inland Empire

Posted October 03, 2013 in BOTOX ®

Since it hit the cosmetic products market a little over ten years ago, Botox has exploded in popularity, with more than 10 million procedures performed. Botox is a cosmetic injection derived from the botulinum toxin that is injected into the muscles of the face in order to reduce the appearance of wrinkles or frown lines. […]

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