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Inland Empire Lash Elongation Through LATISSE

Posted February 18, 2013 in Latisse

Ever since “batting your lashes” to flirt became popular around the 16th century, long, beautiful lashes have been something to be envied. Until recently, though, little could be done aside from painstakingly gluing false lashes onto your lids. Thankfully, now we have Latisse. Latisse is the first and only FDA-approved treatment for hypotrichosis, or inadequate […]

Breast Augmentation Inland Empire

Posted January 29, 2013 in Breast Augmentation

There are a number of reasons a women may decide to opt for Breast Implants. Some women feel that their breasts are too small for the frame of their bodies. Some women have breasts that are significantly asymmetrical and seek out Breast Implants to even them out. There are many options to consider in a […]

Breast Augmentation Inland Empire Implants

Posted December 11, 2012 in Breast Augmentation

Thousands of women every year in the United States alone undergo Breast Augmentation surgery to increase the size of their bust, making Breast Augmentation easily one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures performed. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Andreasen has helped countless women achieve the breasts they desire through Breast Augmentation. Breast Augmentation is […]

Inland Empire Breast Lift

Posted July 26, 2012 in Blog

Breast Lift (Mastopexy) is a surgical procedure performed that reshapes and lifts up sagging breasts. As the skin loses its flexibility, the breasts often lose their shape and firmness and begin to sag. Your plastic surgeon will remove excess tissue, and with the remaining tissue, reposition your breast. This plastic surgery procedure typically takes anywhere […]

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