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Juvederm Injections – Anti-Aging – Inland Empire

Posted June 06, 2014 in Plastic Surgery 2

An injectable filler is a relatively simple yet highly effective anti-aging treatment. One of the more popular choices are Juvederm injections, which are used to fill out hollowness around the cheeks or other areas where the skin has lost volume. Juvederm injections are made of a material called hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a substance […]

Body Sculpting – Liposuction – Inland Empire

Posted December 06, 2013 in Plastic Surgery 2

Body sculpting often involves liposuction. Body sculpting and liposuction procedures have been around as early as the 1920s, but modern techniques have made the procedure much safer and more effective. Body sculpting can improve the contours of the abdomen, breasts, hips, outer thighs, flanks and other parts of the body. With the expertise of a […]

Skin Rejuvenation – Glycolic Acid Peel – Inland Empire

Posted November 22, 2013 in Plastic Surgery 2

Skin blemishes, acne scars and other skin imperfections can be an eyesore. Chemical peels are an ideal solution for skin rejuvenation. Typically employing a glycolic acid mixture, a chemical peel gently removes the outer layers of skin to reveal a younger, brighter glow. Glycolic acid peels are one of the skin rejuvenation options offered by […]

Micropeel – Types of Peels – Inland Empire

Posted October 23, 2013 in Plastic Surgery 2

Micropeels are a specific type of chemical peel. In general, chemical peels are a cosmetic procedure that improves the skin’s texture and tone by gently removing dead skin layers with a topical solution. The layer of skin left behind is smoother, refreshed and more youthful. There is a variety of more than five types of […]

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