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Breast augmentation, also known as augmentation mammoplasty, is a plastic surgery procedure performed to increase breast size, contour breast shape, and enhance curves and confidence. 

Many women want to improve their breasts with implants. However, female athletes and other physically active women may worry about what implants will do to their lifestyle and exercise habits. 

Well, fortunately, breast augmentation is appropriate for any woman, regardless of her gym routine.

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What Can I Expect to Happen During Surgery?

During breast augmentation, an implant filled with sterile saltwater or silicone gel is placed behind your breast tissue or under your chest muscle. 

While the placement of this implant may depend on how active you are (often, weightlifters and bodybuilders choose to keep the implant over the chest muscle in the submammary position to allow for increased movement), most regularly active women will have no problems with either placement.

Submuscular implants rarely have any effect on your ability to exercise. 

What Impact Will Breast Augmentation Have on My Active Lifestyle?

Breast augmentation is always in your grasp, but you may want to consider all of the specifics of your surgery very carefully so you can find the best option for your lifestyle and body frame. 

The size of your implant is important. Only significantly oversized implants have a chance of making exercise difficult or painful (if they interfere with movement or their weight places strain on the spine). Therefore, you must have an open discussion with your surgeon about the size and type of your implant, as this will depend on your body frame, fat composition, and current or planned level of exercise.

What to Keep in Mind When Considering Breast Augmentation?

The most important thing when considering breast augmentation is that you can never ask too many questions. Your body will undergo surgery, and your recovery will depend on your body’s natural healing process. 

It can take up to six months for your implants to fully settle, and although you will be able to resume normal activity levels after six weeks, you have to be patient.

What Should I Expect From My Recovery?

It is essential to remember that breast augmentation is a major procedure. 

The better your pre-surgery preparation and post-surgery recovery, the quicker you can resume your exercise regime. You will feel minimal discomfort after the procedure, and the pain of the recovery is negligible. 

On average, a full recovery, during which you have to refrain from physical activity, is about six weeks. After that, you can resume your active lifestyle.

Careful planning, in-depth discussion with your plastic surgeon, and regular post-surgery appointments will ensure that you look your best and allow you to continue with your exercise regime in a realistic timeframe.

Interested in Learning More?

You can have the bustline you desire and continue your training schedule. 

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Troy Andreasen can help you achieve the results you want for your bustline without compromising your active lifestyle. Call 909-291-4900 today to schedule your consultation.

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