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Breast Augmentation and Enhancement

Often there is a desire to improve one’s appearance through
breast augmentation. One of the reasons women may choose to have breast augmentation is to enhance their body contour because, maybe for personal reasons, they feel that their breast size is too small. Some women may even opt for this procedure as a reconstructive technique following breast surgery or correct a previous surgery with breast augmentation revision. Riverside breast augmentation surgeon Dr. Troy Andreasen is a highly-qualified cosmetic surgeon dedicated to helping his patients achieve the look they desire.

3D procedures

Originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, Dr. Troy J. Andreasen grew up interested in plastic surgery. As a successful amateur boxer, he became acquainted with a plastic surgeon while in that sport. Through this association, his interest in the broad field blossomed and he went on to immerse himself in its study for the next several years.

Following two years of religious missionary service, Dr. Andreasen completed medical school at the University of Utah. While there, he developed advanced microsurgical skills under the direction of the renowned hand surgeon, Graham Lister. His efforts in microsurgical research helped define the effects of trauma on microcirculation. Dr. Andreasen was awarded the highest achievement award from his alma mater and graduated at the top of his medical school class.

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“Breastvember” Volume 1 – “I Just Got A Breast Lift!”

Monday, November 9, 2009 at 2:26pm

“Breastvember” Volume 1 – 11/9/09

Mammogram with Breast Implants Questions and Answers with Heather Froglere Click Here to Listen

So, WHY you ask, did I choose to have a breast lift last week? Well, to make a long story short, my hairdresser had recently undergone breast implant surgery. Now, I’ve seen a LOT of breast implants in my time, and most look pretty good. My hairdressers though, were, as the Seinfeld episode goes, “Spectacular”! We chatted about her procedure and her Doctor, and I confided to her that I wanted a lift, because I’ve been ‘blessed’ if you will, since my Sophomore year in High School. (Go MCHS Class of 88!) Now, I’m 39 years young, but my boobs have been suffering the “Hanglows”. (It’s a dreadful, but common issue among many of us, isn’t it ladies?)

I immediately went home from my hair appointment that day, and logged on to the Doctors website, inlandbreastandbody.com. There, I met Dr. Troy Andreasen. Well, not in person, but I read thru his Bio and website completely. Not only is he extremely educated, Board Certified, and provided a ton of cool 3D videos about some of the procedures her performs, but you can just tell he’s a family guy and adores his staff and his patients. A happy staff is a GOOD STAFF! (Ask my fellow K-Frog DJ’s!)

I set up my Consultation Appointment. When I met Dr. A, he made the visit EXTREMELY comfortable for me. I will admit, I was embarrassed to show anyone but my husband my breasts, because I didn’t like the way they looked anymore. Dr. Andreasen instantly made me feel at ease AND showed me how a lift is performed and discussed with me what the outcome would be. I signed up on the spot! Done deal! I wanted THIS Doctor to make my chest beautiful again. We set up the surgery date. October 30th! I was stoked!

Goodbye water balloons! Goodbye backaches, headaches and bras with padded straps so wide you could land a 747 on em!!!

OK, I have to run now, to go see Dr. Andreasen for a follow-up on my recovery. I have LOTS more to tell you, but I will save it for another “Breastvember” blog! What I will tell you right now is. the “twins” look A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and my body is healing just as it should be at only a little over a week out!

Are you curious about maybe changing yourself for the better? Check out inlandbreastandbody.com now!

Be back soon!

Heather Froglear





Dear Dr. Andreasen,

It was my pleasure to finally meet you since I had so many girl-friends tell me about you. I did meet with other plastic surgeons before meeting with you to have something to compare and contrast the experiences with. I am extremely happy to say you are by far the best one for me. Not only am I confident in your work I am now extremely excited to get this done. I had so many questions I was stumbling with where to start, and throughout the consultation you did answer them all.
I am really looking forward to this and I can express to you how relieved I am to finally feel comfortable with a doctor.

Finally I must compliment your staff including your professional and intelligent wife.

Thank you,