Our nose is a true focal point of the face. It is a truly dynamic, variable, and highly detailed feature to the face. The nose has a different appearance for both men and women. It has different shapes for different races and ethnicities. The nose is a part of the face that is not only very variable and vastly detailed, but it also extremely delicate and needs to be treated with extreme care.

Sometimes we may want something about our nose changed because it has always bothered us (maybe a “bump” on the nose); or maybe it is because we had an accident to the nose when we were young and it is now crooked. Either way, when we approach corrections to the nose we must make sure it has balance and harmony with the face!

A rhinoplasty can correct the nose by:

  • Altering the nasal tip (AKA tip rhinoplasty) to make the nasal tip more defined, narrower, or smaller
  • Shaving or rasping the dorsum of the nose to remove the hump or bump on the nose.
  • Straightening a “crooked” nose
  • Narrowing a wide nose

No matter what is corrected during a rhinoplasty it is critical that facial balance and harmony with the nose is maintained.

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