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Over time, many women experience unwanted changes to the appearance of their breasts. Breast ptosis, or sagging, can stretch the nipples and change the shape of the areolae in unexpected ways. Mastopexies, or breast lifts, are surgical solutions that can rejuvenate the breasts and lift them to a more youthful position.

Skin laxity diminishes with age. As skin laxity diminishes, a woman’s breast can sag excessively and the nipples may undergo ptosis. Ptosis is measured on a scale of one to four, or mild to severe. Severe cases of ptosis are where the nipples are pointed directly towards the ground and have dropped past the lower hemisphere of the breast. Mastopexies surgically correct this by removing excess tissue and reorienting the nipple-areola complex to a more youthful position.

Consult with an experienced professional like Dr. Troy Andreasen to learn more about how mastopexies can rejuvenate your breasts.

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