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Part 2:  Reasons You May WANT to Replace Breast Implants

In our last blog, we reviewed seven reasons you need to replace your breast implants. Now, we will focus on the reasons you may want to replace your breast implants.

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Women who have undergone breast augmentation experience changes just like other women. Sometimes, breast implant replacement can help them feel more comfortable with their appearance by promoting a positive self-image and enhanced overall well-being, even when it’s not medically necessary. 

5 Reasons You May WANT to Replace Your Breast Implants

Deciding to replace breast implants is a personal choice that women may make for a variety of reasons, each unique to their individual circumstances and preferences. Below are five common reasons someone may want to replace their breast implants. 

1. A Desire for a Different Breast Implant Size or Shape

One of the most common reasons women opt for breast implant replacement is the desire for a different breast size or shape. Over time, a woman’s body undergoes natural changes, and her breast implants may no longer align with her desired aesthetic or comfort level. Personal preferences can also change, making some women wish their breasts were larger or smaller.

Breast revision surgery allows them to achieve the desired outcome and align their breasts with their evolving aesthetic goals.

2. Aging and Changes in Breast Tissue

Aging typically causes breasts to sag or lose volume, and these women may choose to replace their implants to restore their more youthful and perky breasts.

Combining a breast implant exchange with a breast lift procedure is a common approach to address these issues comprehensively.

3. Change in Lifestyle

Lifestyle changes can also prompt women to consider breast implant replacement. For instance, an active lifestyle that involves rigorous exercise or athletic activities may lead to discomfort if the implants are too large or have become a hindrance. 

In such cases, women may exchange their implants for a more suitable size or type that better aligns with their lifestyle.

4. Desire to Upgrade Implant Type

Advancement in breast implant technology means there are more options than ever when it comes to implant types, shapes, and textures. Some women may decide to replace their existing implants with newer ones that have improved features or provide more natural-looking results.

For example, they may opt for cohesive gel implants, often referred to as “gummy bear” implants, for a more natural look and feel.

5. When Planning a Mommy Makeover

After one or more pregnancies, women who have completed their families often seek to restore their pre-pregnancy body by undergoing a Mommy Makeover. This is an opportune time to consider upgrading their implants or changing their size or shape, especially if they’re over ten years old.

Preparing Financially for Your Breast Implant Exchange

If your implants are nearing ten years of age and you want to have implants that continue to be under warranty, you should start preparing financially for exchange. Then, when ten years come around, you can replace them without overburdening your wallet.

Saline Breast Implants

Unfortunately, implant manufacturers do not offer standard warranties on saline implants anymore. If you have saline implants over ten years old, you can change them electively or wait until a problem arises, which will likely manifest as a sudden deflation. Implant exchange operations for saline implants that have deflated should be done quickly to avoid the need for extensive capsular resections.

Changing saline implants as soon as possible after the warranty expires is recommended for this very reason. It is not uncommon for patients to experience a leak but cannot remove and exchange their deflated implants for many months because it came up so suddenly, and they were unprepared. 

Silicone Breast Implants

If you have silicone implants approaching the ten-year mark, you should consider getting an MRI of the breasts to see if there is a silent rupture. This way, your warranty will still cover the implants. 

If the MRI is negative for a rupture, you can make your decision with less urgency. The latest FDA statements recommend MRI imaging begin five to six years after augmentation and every two to three years after that.

Implant exchange (for both saline and silicone implants) is performed when the original implants are still intact. This procedure is typically associated with a faster recovery than the initial breast augmentation

Replacing Your Breast Implant in California’s Inland Empire

If you want to replace your breast implants, know that a desire to do so is as valid as any other reason that helps you feel and look your best. Dr. Andreasen has the artistic skill and experience performing breast implant exchange to ensure the ideal aesthetic results with a lower risk of complications. To get the ANDREASEN REFRESH, as his comprehensive technique for changing implants while tightening the pocket is known, schedule a consultation by calling 909-291-4900 or filling out our online contact form.

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