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Sexy fitness woman with beautiful breastWhether due to age, pregnancy, weight loss, or even genetics, there is no denying that any of these factors can result in saggy and unappealing breasts. Many women who desire a perky chest often seek an alternative to surgery through various workout routines. While certain pectoral exercises and lifestyle choices can help build muscle underneath the breasts and prevent further drooping, they cannot reverse breast tissue laxity. Maintaining your weight and a healthy diet can provide some improvement, but compromised breast tissue can only be fixed with breast lift surgery.

Ideal Treatment for Droopy Breasts

Women with breast ptosis experience breasts that lie against the chest wall or nipples that point downward. When it comes to breast appeal, most women will usually consider breast implants to restore their fallen chest. However, implants alone cannot correct the position of your breasts if they have begun to sag. In these cases, a breast lift procedure (mastopexy) is your best option to reposition the breasts for an aesthetic and sexy look.

Breast Lift Procedure: How It Works

Breast lift procedures are designed to help restore the shape and fullness of your breasts by moving them to a more proper position on the chest. This is done by removing excess skin while the breast tissue is reshaped to raise the breast and restore firmness. Because all breast lift procedures require the removal of skin, this can create scars on your chest. While scaring is never ideal, they will eventually fade over time.

For women who have lower degrees of ptosis, this procedure is performed around the nipple. Women with moderate or extreme issues may require extensive lifting techniques. However, a breast lift by itself may not always provide sufficient fullness in the upper part of your breast. If this is the case, combining a breast lift with augmentation will provide the extra volume needed. Patients with overly large breasts that have fallen below the optimal level of the chest might be advised to undergo a two-step procedure, where the breast lift is performed first followed by a breast augmentation procedure.

Dr. Andreasen performs breast lift and augmentation procedures that use both saline and silicone gel implants. To find out which procedure is more appropriate for your breasts, you may contact us online for a consultation with Dr. Andreasen or call our office at 909-291-4900.

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