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It is amazing how things have advanced in the field of aesthetic/cosmetic surgery. Gone are the days where we wished we could take the extra fat in our tummy, love handles, or thighs (or really anywhere we hold onto fat for that matter!) and place the fat we just removed into our butt. Miracles of modern day science allow us to now do exactly that!

Fat Grafting to the Butt or the Brazilian Butt Lift:

  • Utilizes liposuction to sculpt a smaller waist and create the natural curves in the waist and butt (the “hour glass” shape)
    • This sculpting can simply enhance one’s natural curves or it can change the overall shape or appearance of the butt.
    • The shape change is especially cosmetically pleasing when going from a “square flat shape” to a “round” or an “A-Frame” butt shape (wider at the hips and narrower at the waist).
  • Increases the size (or volume) of the butt by injecting the fat previously taken from the waist sculpting (or wherever the extra fat was located)
    • Unfortunately, there is a limit (like every good thing!) of how much fat we can place in the butt. The transferred fat has to be able to “live” in its new home (the butt); and it simply will not “live in a crowded space”.
    • How much is too much? Well that depends mainly on skin quality and/or skin laxity (of course, the amount of available fat also matters!). A consultation is necessary to make that determination.
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