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Breast Augmentation Inland Empire - Breast Enlargement Riverside

Ontario breast augmentation surgeon Troy J. Andreasen, M.D. is Inland Empire’s premier breast and body surgeon. He attracts patients throughout Southern California, from such cities as Riverside, due to his extensive experience and level of professionalism.

Our cosmetic plastic surgery expert, Dr. Andreasen, has created a practice that is committed to providing personalized attention and maintaining the highest quality of service. When choosing an Inland Empire breast augmentation surgeon, Dr. Andreasen is a highly qualified professional. He is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS), as well as a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS).

If you think breast augmentation, or “augmentation mammaplasty,” is right for you, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Andreasen to find out if you are an ideal candidate for breast implants.

You may achieve the following with this breast enhancement procedure:

  • Better breast symmetry
  • Increase in breast size
  • Enhancement in breast shape
  • An overall better body contour

Breast Implant Surgery

Depending on your expectations and goals, Dr. Andreasen will develop a personalized breast enlargement plan that will help you achieve the most natural-looking results. During your visit with Dr. Andreasen, you can discuss the options in breast augmentation surgery and learn what to expect before and after breast augmentation.

Prior to surgery, Dr. Andreasen will provide you with instructions
on how to prepare for the day of your procedure. Also, aftercare
directions will be provided, along with any medications necessary
for your recovery. It is recommended that you prepare for your
recovery period before the surgery in order to avoid post-surgical
stress. One of the most important factors to consider is the
type of breast implant to be used. Dr. Andreasen offers saline
and silicone gel filled implants; their respective advantages
and disadvantages are discussed during the consultation.

During the procedure itself, Dr. Andreasen can make an incision
under the breast in the natural crease, around the areola,
in the armpit, or in the navel. Based on your particular anatomy
and desired outcome, the most appropriate incision location
will be chosen. The next step is placement of the implant;
the implants may be placed either above the chest muscle or
beneath the muscle. Those who have thinner skin may be better
suited for below muscle placement in order to reduce the risk
of rippling.

Post-surgery, your breasts will be bandaged and a special
bra will be worn for a specified period of time in order to
allow for proper healing. Movement of the arms and chest area
will be limited as the body adjusts the new breast implants.
Typically, you may return to light activities in approximately
one week; however, heavy lifting and more strenuous exercise
and activities should not be commenced for up to four to six
weeks. It is important to take note that their will be some
swelling for a few months after surgery and may not subside
completely for up to a year. I strive to provide the most natural-looking
results, the breasts may take some time to settle in their
natural shape. In addition, incision scars are minimal, fade
over time, and frequently covered by clothing.

Cost of the procedure will be determined during your visit.
Usually, the type of implant, anesthesiologist fee, and surgery
center fee are all considered when providing a quote on the
final cost of your breast augmentation procedure. For patients
who find that they may be unsure if they can afford the surgery,
we provide financing options through various trusted payment
programs. It is our goal to help you reach your desired outcome
without the added stress of a financial burden.

To achieve optimal results, many of our Ontario and Riverside breast augmentation patients also undergo breast lift surgery, or “mastopexy.” Breast
implant surgery combined with a breast lift involves the removal
of excess skin and breast tissue, and the insertion of saline
or silicone gel implants for an overall fullness. Patients
should be aware that the addition of the breast lift procedure
will add to the final cost of the procedure and must take this
into consideration when researching their financing options.

To learn more, please see some of our patient results by viewing our breast lift and breast augmentation before and after photos.

Contact Our Riverside Breast Augmentation Surgeon

Ontario and Riverside breast augmentation patients may contact our Inland Empire surgeon, Dr. Andreasen, by calling (909) 291-4900 or filling out our contact form to schedule a complimentary consultation. You may also send Dr. Andreasen an e-mail at info@inlandbreastandbody.com; he will personally answer your questions.

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