Thigh Lift


Some people hold on to fat in their inner and outer thighs. Unfortunately, when we are able to lose that thigh fat it leaves behind an unwelcome guest…extra thigh skin. The excess thigh skin can create significant bagginess of the thighs. The bagginess can make it extremely difficult if not impossible to wear swimsuits or even shorts!

A Thigh lift creates a younger-looking thigh by:

  • Expertly shaping and sculpting the thigh by removing the extra fat through liposuction and direct removal
  • Artistically designing the natural and youthful conical shape of the thigh through a masterful design of excess skin removal
  • There are times when the best result is achieved by performing a thigh lift in 2 stages: first, Liposuction and then, Skin Removal. This is typically recommended during the consultation when there is too much excess fat in thighs and we would not be able to get the optimal tightness or design in the thighs

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