Butt Lift and Buttocks Fat Grafting


Sometimes increasing the volume of the butt with fat grafting alone does not result in the desired look. When a significant amount of excess skin exists, it needs to be first corrected. This is corrected by lifting the sagging tissue back to the correct location and then removing any excess tissue. Then, after the lift and skin excision, we can increase the size (volume) of the butt by fat grafting. The dual approach is extremely powerful in restoring a young and elegant butt.

This combination procedure sculpts a Youthful Butt:

  • Utilizes Liposuction to sculpt a smaller waist and create the natural hour glass curves in the waist and butt
    • This sculpting can enhance the natural curves of the butt or it can change the overall shape of the butt.
    • The shape change is especially cosmetically pleasing when going from a “square shape” to a “round” or “A-Frame” (wider at the hips and narrower at the waist) butt shape.
  • Designs a skin removal that enhances the natural shape of a youthful buttock and restores it to the higher more youthful location
    • The design of the skin removal falls along the natural shadows of the butt to “camouflage” the scars
    • The proper design of the skin removal further cones or shapes the butt to give the pleasing “bubble” shape.
  • After the extra skin has been removed we can then increase the size (volume) of the butt by injecting the fat previously taken from the waist sculpting.
    • The amount of fat that we are able to inject depends on how much extra skin needs to be removed.
    • How much is that? Well that depends mainly on skin quality and/or skin laxity. A consultation is necessary to make that determination.

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