Bra Fat Roll Removal


The bra fat roll is that pesky roll of skin and fat that “pops” out of our bra…just to let us know it is there! It collects as a result of “good living”; unfortunately, even though we may have shed our pounds…it is still there! Sometimes, the bra fat roll is regrettably simply the location fat collects.

The bra fat removal is a technique that rids the body of that pesky roll and restores the natural contour of the back and side of the breast by:

  • The degree of the bra fat roll determines the specific treatment. Smaller rolls can be treated with liposuction alone. Larger rolls require both liposuction to get rid of that pesky fat and then removal of the extra skin that is left behind after the liposuction.
  • How big does a bra roll have to be before skin excision is needed to? Well, that depends and there is no “hard and fast rule”. A consultation with an examination is needed to determine the correct treatment strategy.

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